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Wooden caravans

Do you want a traditional wooden caravan ( roulette ) for your garden or to accommodate your friends or tourists. Are you a promoter of the outdoor tourism and do you want to increase your accommodation rooms? We are happy to support your demand presenting you the traditional wooden caravans ( roulottes ).

The caravans are built from softwood , spruce , they have very good insulation and can be heated. They are assembled on a metal chassis, have wheels and can be towed or moved on short distances. The caravans ( roulottes ) are built in our factory Frasin, Romania with eco-materials.

The assembly is done on site because the caravans are oversized and canít be transported on public roads. The caravans ( roulottes ) are not equipped with brakes or a signaling system and canít run on public roads.

The assembly of one caravan is done by a team of professionals in one weeks time. The caravans ( roulottes ) can be build without any construction authorization and paperwork.

Gypsy caravans

These wagons originated in France ~1810 to lodge and transport traveling entertainers and merchants between different cities. Used by gypsies from ~1840 , the caravans evolved into several different versions: narrow, tall ones with a large flat, and built-in cases for displaying and transporting goods; smaller ones for basic lodging with simple decorations and tall wheels for fording rivers that could be easily pulled with one horse;

The Vardo

Traditionally, a "vardo" (the term gypsies use to refer to their wagons, originating from the Iranian word "vurdon" or cart) . Depending on the building skill and owner's wealth, the "vardo" could have very ornately carved and gild with gold leaf finishing. The insides were also efficiently designed, with ingenious ideas such as a parents' bed with very high legs to allow room for sliding the children's beds underneath, or incorporating a functioning woodstove for cooking and heating. Depending on the gypsy community's traditions, the wagons were also sometimes burned upon the owner's death to help free his soul.

The situation in France

The country which has the longest tradition in building wooden caravans is France. The caravanes are spread all around France. You can find famous locations such as: locatii de pe google The idea was imported from the nomad gypsies which traveled all around Europe in the wooden caravans. As a nomad people they had this custom to live their lives in these mobile trailers. The French adapted this concept to their own demands and they developed an industry merging the rustic and rural style with an economical efficiency. Using excellent technical ideas, innovation, creativity and a long experience in the wood processing they obtained a unique product with various utilizations in the public sector, private sector, public-private sector or even in adventure parks. When we refer to an adventure park we refer to resorts in which you can practice the following activities : ski, snowboard, tracking, mountain climbing, mountain bikes, rafting, bungee jumping, horse ridding and various other sports. Because the adventure parks are build in areas in which the access is difficult and the camping sites are not that common, building a roulette is a very a good solution and it is much cheaper than buildings wooden houses, wooden chalets, wooden cabins, wooden cottages . Also it is an ecological building solution because all the material used in the process is ecological. The wood used in the process is treated ecologically and honors all the European standards.

The situation in Romania

Romania is a country in which you can find good quality caravans at cheap prices but regarding Romanian clients, momentary the potential market is very at ground zero. As in Poland another country which known for producing wooden caravans, Romania is at itís beginning. In Romania there are many locations with great potential : Ranca, Predeal, Brasov, Sibiu, Azuga, Balea Lac, Sighisoara, Predeal, Bran, Saliste, Borsa, Sinaia, Campul-Lung Moldovenesc, Arieseni,Borsa,Vatra Donei, Soimu, Gura Humorului, Bran, Ocna Mures, Gura Raului, Cavnic, Busteni, Durau, Cozia, Coada Lacului, Bicaz, Semenic, Toplita, Borsec, Fagaras, the Fagaras caravans, Apuseni Mountains and The Black Sea. The potential market is very large because in some of these areas there is no connections for gas and water. This is another motive for which you can have your own mobile place with a minimal investment and the possibility to set your home in a location that is not accessible because of the infrastructure or terrain.
Still the lack of experience in this field makes the Romanian clients a bit reluctant. Viewing from an economic point of view, the investments of companies or investments coming from the public sector or from private persons have a very good rate of return. The rate of return ranges from two to five years. From a simple calculation you can see that this type of investment has a better opportunity cost than the one in lodges, wooden houses, cottages or any other type of mobile house. The best example concerning the investments in roulettes, is France. We consider that Romania can reach this level in the following ten years. This fact is due to the following factors : the price of the wood is cheaper than in other European countries, the cost with the workforce is cheaper and also you can find qualified workers. Another advantage is that Romania has a long tradition in wood processing.
As promoters of the wooden caravans we will gladly answer any of your questions and help you with your ambitious projects. In Romania you can find the best ratio price-quality because the wood is cheaper than in Poland and the workforce is qualified as well.

Other countries in which we export caravans

On second place in Europe regarding the caravan market is Belgium. Our company exported several works : wooden caravans, wooden frame houses and wooden stratified doors and windows. The Belgians took over the concept very easily because they speak French and can adapt the technical data to their demands. Some other countries in with great potential are Italy and Holland. From what we know in Italy there a few caravans producers that have imported this concept and there are some finished works. Concerning Holland they are at their beginnings as Romania as well.