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Technical data:

  • We produce wooden caravans ( roulottes ) in framing system (sandwich) covered in wainscot ( interior and exterior), finished with ecological polish and paints. The caravan ( roulette ) has 3X6 habitable space of which the bathroom is 1.3X2 m and can be equipped with a sink, shower, toilet and terrace.
  • We can produce a bigger variant with the following dimensions 3X8 m with 4 rooms with the following functions : 2 bedrooms, bathrooms and living.
  • We can produce caravans ( roulottes ) following a certain project.
  • The terrace is 2X3 m and can be detachable
  • The caravanís walls are 100 mm thick which include the sprout structure elements 45X50 mm, OSB 8 mm , insulation with mineral wool 50 mm, interior and exterior wainscot.
  • The floor is 18 mm OSB, with 10 mm insulation with mineral wool and be covered with any type of plank..
  • The half circle roof has 10 mm insulation with mineral wool and bitumen like shingle ( splinter ) or galvanized metal roof plate.
  • The habitable space can be furnished with a matrimonial bed 1.4X2 m under which you can order a 0.9X2m deposit drawer for clothes or/and an detachable sofa.
  • The caravan ( roulette ) has a cooking oven, sink and fridge.
  • We use triple stratified wooden doors and windows 68 mm thick, with thermo glass 4-16-4 witch low-energy (argon).
  • The metal chassis has wheels but it does not have a braking and signaling system, so it canít run on public roads, but it can be moved or tower for small distances.
  • We can also produce the flooring, the matrimonial bed, and the furniture.

Wooden caravans Types

There are 3 different types of caravans depending on the dimension, number of rooms and price.

1. The ,,midget,, caravan

When we refer to the midget caravan we refer to a very small caravan that can be attached to the car. The dimensions of the caravan are 2, 2.3 meters in width and 4 meters long. You can find such caravans in Canada and United States of America where there was an incredible boom in sales. Thousands of these roulettes were sold. The midget caravan has rubber wheels and is equipped with a metal chassis. Usually it has no kitchen and a very small bathroom. The caravan has a great advantage because the production price is very low and it has increased mobility. The midget caravan can be easily attached to cars, vans or pick-up trucks and can easily replace the aluminum or PVC caravans. The type of clients that usually uses the small caravans is used to adventure and does not agree to the commodity of classical hotels.

2. The standard model

The standard model is the most common model. It can be equipped either with rubber wheels or with wooden oak wheels with a beautiful aesthetic look. It can be build with a wooden chassis or a metal one but we usually tell clients itís better to use the wooden one because it has a better mobility and it is very resistant to mechanical shocks . The standard caravan is usually 6 meters long and 2-2.5 meters in wide. The standard caravan can be equipped with a terrace or other optional accessories. The caravan can have one room or two rooms, with a small kitchen and bathroom. It has all the comfort of the classical hotel room and all itís advantages. The insulation our company offers is composed out of 10- 20 cm of mineral wool, low-e thermo insulated stratified doors and windows, interior and exterior wainscot. All the insulation is at itís best quality making the caravan very close to energy independent household. We had some exceptional projects with a standard caravan with three rooms but these are exceptions. The typology of the client that uses a standard caravan is someone who needs to combine the commodity of motel or hotel rooms with the adrenaline and excitement that camping in open air has to offer. For example there are tourists that donít want to use the camping tent and are very bored of the classical hotel rooms. The standard caravans have the best price - quality ration. For example a full equipped caravan with all the commodities, furniture, electrical and sanitary installation can reach the price of 20.000 euro has a return of investment rate of 3 Ė 4 years.

3. The giant caravan

As the name states the giant caravan is very impressive because of itís big dimensions reaching 8 meters long and 3 meters wide. It has 2 or three rooms, small kitchen and a bathroom. The giant caravans are used for tourism and because of itís dimensions have a low degree of mobility. The insulation used is the same used for any house and it can stand low temperature in winter and high in summer. The low-e windows and the stratified doors along with an insulation of 20 cm of mineral wool is suffice for any climate. Also the caravans have interior and exterior wainscot which keeps the temperature constant in the interior. The optimum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius is maintained. The roof can be made on demand either out of tegola or galvanized zinc. Also the caravan can be equipped with any extra optional accessories : terrace, verandah, balcony, pergola. The giant caravans have many advantages but the most important of all is the fact that it has all the commodity of two, three or for stars. In Romania the guesthouses, pensions or hostels have another gradation : daisy. So any pension, guesthouse or hostel has two, three, four of five daisies.

8m caravan